Cayrus902021-06-15 17:32:58
Cayrus90, 2021-06-15 17:32:58

1C programmer: What should a beginner be able to write?

Tell me, please, what a 1C programmer should be able to write in order to become at least a junior.
What typical tasks should be able to solve (Creating a wireframe configuration, operational accounting tasks,).

Very important, I want to practice and understand my level

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Konstantin, 2021-06-15

Read!!! At the very least, listen and watch.
Know the basics to practice further
There is no clear criterion.
There are tasks and time for which you can solve them. Beginner 10 hours, Master 30 minutes. The first will learn, the second just knows how to do it.

VitalyChaikin, 2021-06-16

It's hard to take and enumerate like this...
Well, let's say: programmatically create and write down a directory element/document.
Create an external report, process it and connect it to the Working database
Work with queries
Create an interface in managed forms
Make/restore SQL database backup

Sgr_A, 2021-06-17

Unfortunately, in the field of 1C development there is no clear classification by positions / levels with a description of specific requirements. Or, in my experience, I simply have not met.
I saw and read, many tried to deduce some kind of classification, but alas.
If you want to understand the level - ask (if you can) the one who works, what he does and try to repeat.

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