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IT education
kaaasteeen, 2017-06-06 13:26:00

1C programmer. Carier start. How to study effectively?

We all once have to think about what my current profession will give me in 3-5 years. In my case (work as an enikey worker, commissioning of interactive equipment) did not bode well in the end. Since this kind of work does not motivate you to constantly search for new skills. (Of course, this can be argued).
The main thing is that there is no career growth. Of course, z.p. it won't rise on its own.
My choice fell on programming in the field of 1C.
I bought the book Radchenko: 1C: Enterprise 8.3. Practical developer guide. Began to study.
At the same time I looked through Pavel Chistov's courses (30 lessons).
And the other day I graduated from the CSO. They lasted for a little over a month. I took a comprehensive course.
At the end of the course there were internal examinations for recruitment as an intern.
It was practically an exam in 1s-Specialist. Only there were no tasks for business processes. The essence was that 3 tasks and 5 hours of time were given. Oper. accounting, Bukh. accounting., Complex calculation problems.
It was necessary to solve at least 1.5 tasks out of 3.
To my shame, I could not solve a single problem completely. Although there was a week to prepare for this exam.
And now, realizing that I did not master the material well (Half of the audience, they actively decided something with awareness of the matter. Which cannot be attributed to me.), I reproach myself for my irresponsibility.
Dear, I would very much like to hear from you:
- stories of becoming a 1C programmer
- Tips on how I can move on?
- How to get a job in a franchisee, for a symbolic wage (The main thing is to get knowledge and begin to understand)?
- Any comments and remarks addressed to me.
PS Although this is difficult for me, I definitely won’t give it up, so please don’t write like that.

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tema_sun, 2017-06-06

You like 1C so well, do it. I think this product will be popular in Russia for a long time. Just keep in mind that this will not save you from the question "what will my current profession give me in 3-5 years."
In general, the best thing you can do is stop asking this question altogether. It only raises anxiety and gives nothing in return.
Stop comparing yourself to others. There is always someone better. Couldn't master the material right away? Try again. Maybe this half of the audience has been sitting there for the fifth time, and therefore decides something.

Igor, 2017-06-06

in 2007 I took two yellow books on 7.7 and an institute textbook on accounting, six months later I went to a local franch for almost free to carry ITS.
A couple of months later, I was thrown into the implementation almost alone (you are smart, you can do it)... I failed the implementation :)), but after that enlightenment came and it became much easier and clearer
Now I understand that I had to go all the same then to "big IT" and normal programming languages ​​(which is what I'm doing now), which I advise you.

Saboteur, 2017-06-06

If you wanted to become a specialist in a month, you believed too much in advertising courses.
1C, in addition to programming itself, is also business logic.
Accounting is generally a separate science, especially in the CIS. How to set up accounting and, moreover, develop something in it if you have never encountered accounting?
The region's high entry threshold means that a month is VERY short to explore.

Guesto, 2017-06-06

I wrote in response to other questions back in 2014, I will partially repeat!
At one time, in 2 weeks, I read (with the completion of all tasks, of course) the book "1C: Enterprise 8.2. A practical guide for the developer. Authors: Radchenko, Khrustaleva", to participate in the international Olympiad. Took 4th place in the Volga-Urals district.
I got into a franchisee from the day of my 1C career (the event is held annually, they are looking for new personnel). Passed the interview, solved the proposed tasks (2 franchisees were invited).
I have been working for a franchisee for 7 years. If you get into a normal company, you will work on projects at the regional and Russian level. The projects are large, varied and interesting.
Accounting systems are being finalized, large business processes are being written, equipment control systems are often written, etc. We often write libraries for working with equipment from 1C, usually C++, Delphi, Java and other languages.
But no one bothers to explore other areas in your free time or even at work. The company pays for training if it is useful in my work, so I took courses in Java, web (PHP + mySQL + JS), MS SQL administration and now I often use it in my projects. It is also a method of preparation in case of leaving, but so far I see no reason to leave.
Working for a franchisee seems better because You don't sit on one project for 5 years. Projects are replaced one after another (development, implementation, maintenance). Personally, I get special pleasure at the moment of switching to a new system, when you monitor the system online for a day or two, before that the system was written for half a year and everything should take off (And the client, as usual, works around the clock and seven days a week), and now everything started and you can go to bed!
How to get a job? There are many franchisees in cities, go for interviews and try. They take different levels, some need a ready-made specialist, and some want to grow them themselves.

Sergey Programmer 1C, 2017-06-15

Radchenko and the courses are enough to take a franch for a small rate. In a couple of months you will immediately understand what a 1C programmer is. The real tasks of a 1C programmer have practically nothing to do with books and courses,
it's like learning to drive a car. Books are mat. part that can only be understood by solving specific customer problems.

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