tkachenkoweb2020-04-30 03:35:39
tkachenkoweb, 2020-04-30 03:35:39

1C or SAP? What to choose to study?

What is the best area for education? 1C or SAP ERP Both there and there there is an opportunity to do an internship
Which of these is more promising and higher paid
Where is career growth faster
And which direction is better to choose programming (1C / ABAP) or specialist consultant (analyst)

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Dmitry Kinash, 2020-04-30

If there is an opportunity to do an internship at SAP, then you don’t even need to think - only to the Germans. It is definitely more promising and highly paid. Franchey 1C and integrators are just a sea around, you can always get to them if you fail to become a sapper.
The direction depends on your character. If you like to work according to a clear task, then become a programmer. If you like to analyze and describe processes, then in analytics.

Evgeny Smirnov, 2020-05-07

In a year and a half, I already have the third project for a complete transfer from SAP to 1C
. Therefore, if you want to automate an enterprise in Russia, then it is probably better in 1C.
As for an analyst or a programmer, it is difficult to compare, the main thing is that you like the nature of the work.

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