podde2020-08-25 21:56:51
podde, 2020-08-25 21:56:51

1C: Is it possible to make the conditions for the Movements in the form of Details, and not the Tabular part?

For the training configuration "My finances" I made both the Outflow of money from the accounts and the Inflow of money into the account from one Document. I registered the movements for the Register in the Tabular parts (see screen 1).
This is clear.
Question: is it possible to do something without the Tabular part, but using the Details? In order to fill in not one of the two tabs Income / Expense when creating a document, but simply select, say, the Requisite "Operation Type", and then according to the Requisites - "Amount", "Account", etc.
I did (see screenshot 2) 5f455e5c98e12125259271.jpeg- does not work, the amount falls both in the Expense and in the Income, because the same Details are involved in the formation of both the Expense and Income operations.
What am I missing? How to separate the Movements of Expenses and Income, but in order to fill in only the Requisites fields in the user interface?

I always choose the answer-Solution, thank you very much in advance.

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Konstantin, 2020-08-25

The tabular part, of the type, assumes that there will be several lines in the register. And so how many and what entries in the register are up to you. Where and what algorithm for substituting details depends on your imagination.
You can specify an attribute of an expense or income for an article. If indicated in the document, then it will be determined on this basis where to write)))
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