Nastya2015-10-13 09:41:59
Nastya, 2015-10-13 09:41:59

1C:Enterprise 8.2 (for dealers) + joomla - synchronization. Where to dig?

It is necessary to synchronize (integrate) 1C:Enterprise and joomla+joomshopping.
Moreover, the task is a little non-standard ... At least, this is the first time I encounter this.
In general, the essence is this. Dealers will send an application from the site for a partnership (regular registration through the joomshopping registration form, this registration will be moderated by the administrator and send the login and password to the dealer).
After such registration, the dealer has access to his personal account. In this personal account, he should see all his accounts that are in 1C: Enterprise. And here the first question arises - how to transfer data on dealers' accounts to them in your personal account?
Further... the dealer should be able to create new accounts in his personal account... And when he fills the account, he should see a list of the product range.... Everything is like in 1C, if the dealer fills the account, only this should be on the site... After the dealer has created an account, an account marked "New" should appear in 1C... Next.... when the manager checks the account and confirms it, the dealer should be informed about this by mail and in a personal office ....
Here the next question appears - how to transfer new changes on the site to 1C?
And another question - how can this process be made automatic? Those. as soon as the data in 1C changed, the information was immediately updated on the site ... and as soon as the data on the site changed, the information was immediately updated in 1C.
Something like this ... 1C I don’t know at all. Never worked. And here is the first project I'm doing on joomla. Moreover, she never implemented the integration of the site with 1C.
Please tell me who knows how to accomplish this task? I don’t understand where to start ... I’m digging on the Internet, I don’t know what week. Paid solutions are not suitable, you need to do everything yourself.
In fact, even the question is difficult to put correctly, since I have never faced such a task.

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Dmitry Kinash, 2015-10-13

It all depends on the availability of specialists in 1C. If you only have an admin at hand, then I recommend looking towards oData and doing all the logic on the Joomla side.
Theory - v8.1c.ru/o7/201312rest
Practice - infostart.ru/public/305854

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