Nastya2015-10-07 09:27:32
Nastya, 2015-10-07 09:27:32

1C integration with joomshopping - how to implement?

Joomshopping 4.10.2.
Joomla 3.4.4.
At the moment, the site is now functioning as informational, i.e. there is no personal account, there are no prices for goods, there is no basket, etc. The goal is to implement an online store, and there must be 1C integration with joomshopping.
The problem is that this is the first time I am doing a project on joomla, and even more so, I have never done site integration with 1C.
I say right away that paid solutions are not suitable.
Maybe someone has already developed such functionality for an online store on joomshopping?
If there are such, then please tell me in which direction to dig? Some articles...any information...something to help with the development.
How to upload from 1C (1C-Enterprise 8.2)?
How to transfer information from a 1C upload file?
How to make it so that customers can place orders through the site, which will then be transferred to 1C?
Thus, it turns out that the site and 1C should have synchronization ...
Is it possible to do all this on my own? How much time will it take?

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Dmitry Kinash, 2015-10-07

Is it possible to do all this on your own?

Believe it or not, they do it all on their own. AI did not write a single line of code :)
To save time, take ready-made integration with Bitrix - it is already built into typical trading configurations (as well as those created on their basis). The format of the transmitted data is CommerceML .
And a nice bonus in the end. For Joomla, this bundle has already been implemented and is freely available - joomlaforum.ru/index.php?topic=175325.0

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