Alte M2019-12-10 17:49:39
Alte M, 2019-12-10 17:49:39

1c how to set up a counterparty?

Good afternoon.
For connoisseurs of 1s, the problem is the following, please help.
1. it is necessary when creating a counterparty, the buyer
automatically ticked the box 2. the type of contract was also affixed, not other, but with the buyer.
3. if these actions were changed to give an error.
A big thank you to all who have signed up.

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Konstantin, 2019-12-10

Follow these steps from the Implementation documents.
If we take typical configurations, then they prescribed that the necessary checkboxes be filled in.
And so, an Extension is created in which to replace the filling code of the new element.
it’s not bad to announce what configuration you are working
on v8.1c.ru/solutions/applied_solutions.htm

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