wkololo_4ever2014-12-12 22:17:29
wkololo_4ever, 2014-12-12 22:17:29

1C for a "regular" programmer - what to read?

I am a programmer. I work with asp.net mvc. The university has a task to do a term paper on 1C (Educational version). For myself, I already realized that various directories, registers, etc. are, almost, ordinary tables in the database. Are there any resources for a quick entry into the 1C area for the "regular" programmer?

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Deodatuss, 2014-12-12

Book 1C: Enterprise 8.3. Practical developer guide. and if it’s deeper, you can take Chistov’s or Gilev’s video courses (I don’t remember exactly), it’s just for a year of watching those courses ... there are also short video courses “1C in 21 days”, there 1 day is 30 minutes, you can master it in a couple of days

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