Ockonal2011-03-02 20:10:30
Ockonal, 2011-03-02 20:10:30

1C events

Hello, unfortunately, I had to deal with 1C (:.
There is a textarea (html), loaded in 1C. I need to somehow broadcast the onClick, onBlur, ... events in 1C and process them with scripts on the 1C side.
That is, I can from 1C via eval to subscribe to them, but then the processing will be on the js side and only js code.Is it possible what I want?

- The latest version is 8.2.I just don’t know 1c myself, my task is js.But in this matter I can’t do without knowledge
of 1c.I have a form, there is some field there, I define onClick for it: So, I need to call this onclick event from js, i.e. simulate it so that it is processed on the 1c side and displays 'test'.
Procedure ПолеHTMLДокумента1onclick(Control, pEvtObj)

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Dmitry Kinash, 2011-03-03

You seem to be coming from the wrong side. 1C just uses the IE ActivX element to display pages. Therefore, in such windows under 1C, the pages will be displayed in the same way as in IE and the scripts will work in the same way. The set of event handlers is similar to other visual programming platforms. I successfully managed to implement processing on 1C, which went to a certain site, filled in the fields, clicked on the search button, parsed and entered the search results into the database, clicked the "Next" button and continued until the completion condition was met. From this point of view, the tools in the platform are sufficient.
I will support exIV - describe the required result better. Perhaps it is enough for you to display some marker on the page, and then in 1C using the DocumentFormed event handler to implement your own specific scenarios.

exIV, 2011-03-03

Erm… what do you mean? ASP.NET application chtol? Well, who's stopping you from making any calls from the client to the ASP.NET server? And who will process them there 1C, or 2C, this is the tenth thing :)

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