Sergey Makarov2014-04-07 20:50:05
Sergey Makarov, 2014-04-07 20:50:05

1C: Enterprise 8. Chairman of the HOA + 1C: Housing and communal services website - how is data parsing performed?

Good evening! Interested in such a question, maybe someone worked with 1C: Housing and communal services website?
How is data parsing performed there?
Parsing XML?
Does anyone have an example file?
How did you set up 1s for interaction?
There is almost no documentation about this on the Internet. If anyone has worked please share.

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thepry, 2014-04-08

If this is Bitrix, then XML is most likely used there. UT11 exchanges XML format CommerceML with Bitrix.
If this is not implemented in 1C itself, then you will either have to assemble the xml file by hand, or download the xml schema, upload it as XDTO and work with the XDTO object, and then the system will generate the xml itself. The latter option is, of course, more convenient. I wrote this to upload the nomenclature to Bitrix.

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