Vasya2018-05-16 11:37:25
Vasya, 2018-05-16 11:37:25

1C Enterprise 8.3 data exchange with the web?

There is 1C Enterprise 8.3, you need to synchronize goods and orders with OpenCart.
Once upon a time I did synchronization with UT, everything was simple there, you choose data exchange, a link to the script file on the site, the exchange went.
But there is no such thing in the enterprise. Does anyone have experience with such synchronization or information on how to set up an exchange in 1C enterprise with a web site?
ps There is synchronization with the online store, I entered the information, the connection was successful, but it didn’t go further.

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Konstantin, 2018-05-16

well, or use the search there

raskovaleks, 2018-08-17

NeoSeo has a good solution for exchanging OpenCart data with 1C: https://neoseo.com.ua/obmen-synkhronyzatsyya-mahaz...
They can also help with setting up the module

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