Sergey Petrov2016-04-08 19:11:40
Sergey Petrov, 2016-04-08 19:11:40

1C Enterprise 7.7 and HASP License Manager on the same computer?

Good evening guys! There are three computers with a HASP License Manager with an LPT key installed on one of them. Works non-stop. Please tell me how to get rid of it. Is it possible to install the HASP License Manager on the same computer where the 1C base is located? In 1C is not very strong. So let's get simpler methods in advance. Thank you)

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Alexander, 2016-04-08

HASP License Manager - gives access to the key over the network - which is necessary if the key is for several copies.
And so you can transfer - 1C automatically detects keys in the subnet.

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