Ilya Saveliev2017-04-21 11:29:15
Ilya Saveliev, 2017-04-21 11:29:15

1C-Bitrix visual editor - how to insert paragraphs by default instead of line breaks?

Hi friends!
I don’t understand what kind of glitch is why when you enter a newly created page and start editing it through a visual editor, you press Enter and a br line break tag is inserted instead of paragraph p and you get complete nonsense with page display. Does everyone have it? I updated to the latest version, I didn’t find anything similar in the module settings ... this cacophony under all possible browsers. Before everything was ok, but here on you ...

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Andrey Goncharov, 2017-04-21

Bitrix is ​​generally sad in terms of filling content such as articles) You have to highlight each paragraph with the paragraph tag - there is an opportunity in the editor. As for the images - this is generally some kind of 90th year)

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