crazydrummer2021-01-11 08:08:41
crazydrummer, 2021-01-11 08:08:41

1C Bitrix, Tariff - Small business. How to increase the nesting depth of sections when importing products?

In the "Information Blocks" module settings, the " Maximum section nesting depth level for CSV export/import " parameter is set to " 10 ". But when setting up an import profile, the ability to select only 3 levels of sections. How to increase nesting depth for import?

The frontend itself, but I'm a bit versed in php and the Bitrix backend, quite a bit.



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Alexey Emelyanov, 2021-01-11

The required maximum nesting depth is set in the Trade catalog module settings. There is also a list of fields available for export and import.

crazydrummer, 2021-01-11

So far, I decided with a crutch by hard-setting the $NUM_CATALOG_LEVELS variable in the profile script to the desired value.

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