Maxim Grechushnikov2015-03-13 15:25:59
Maxim Grechushnikov, 2015-03-13 15:25:59

1C. Bitrix: It is necessary to upload buyers to Bitrix. How to do it?

Actually a subject. They set the task, I have never seen 1s. I don't know what to look for

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Vyacheslav Aliev, 2015-03-14

You need to upload counterparties from 1c to the site with Bitrix.

Alexander, 2015-03-14
Madzhugin @Suntechnic

So the question is about Bitrix or 1C? There doesn't seem to be a standard tool. But the importer is written in an hour. I don’t know what is there from the side of 1C, but I think it’s not a problem to unload buyers in XML

Alexander Yantsen, 2015-03-24

Is this a one time job? Or do you need to constantly synchronize users between 1C and Bitrix?
If you need only once, then it's easier to upload bp 1C to CSV and import it once through the standard Bitrix import.
If you need constant synchronization, then most likely you need to look at the link from the first comment.

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