TechNOIR2018-12-20 17:19:28
TechNOIR, 2018-12-20 17:19:28

1C-Bitrix. In the managed_cache folder, the owner of the MYSQL folder and everything that is included in it is the root user. How to fix?

Good afternoon.
The problem has surfaced. There was a problem with the rights after the server was restored.
In the managed_cahe folder, the MYSQL folder and everything that goes into it belongs to the root user.
Although, as I understand it, the owner of www-root should be?
Because of this, bitrix gives out that folders and files are not readable by bitrix.
If I rename the MYSQL folder to MYSQL2, a new folder is created under the root owner.
Any ideas comrades how to solve the problem?
thanks in advance

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Alexey Bespalov, 2018-12-20

The Memkesh service is running as root.
But I don't think this is a problem.
You will delete everything from this folder and reboot the server or restart services.

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