Alexander Listyev2017-03-06 14:26:07
Alexander Listyev, 2017-03-06 14:26:07

1C-Bitrix: How to implement sending an excel file with data from a web form inside a mail message?

Hello! Please explain how the following can be implemented:
There is a web form, it is necessary that the data entered by the guest in the web form be saved to a file in .xls format (with the appropriate field names) and sent in a letter to the mail specified in the mail template after sending web forms.

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Alexander Varenikov, 2017-03-06

You can save the file on the server and send a link to download the file to the user in a letter. And you can insert it, this file into a letter, but you need to save it to the server in any case.

Reptiloid_Hunter, 2017-03-06

phpexcel module. can work with xlsx / xls files

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