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1C Bitrix -- How to fix MySQL Query Error at the stage of installing a ready-made solution?

At the stage of installing a ready-made solution (business portal) on a local server (apache), I get the following error:

Attention! A product installation error occurred at this step.
Repeat setting the current step. If the error repeats, skip the step.
MySQL Query Error: [[1366] Incorrect string value: '\xE0ij\xEDqu...' for column 'BODY' at row 1] DB query error. Please try later.

The php.ini is set to:
internal_encoding = UTF-8
mbstring.func_overload = 2

What can be wrong?

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Sergey Goryachev, 2016-05-11

Campaign some file in ANSI.
I would advise you to create a ticket to Bitrix technical support and solution developers.

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