jlay2017-07-06 15:02:25
jlay, 2017-07-06 15:02:25

1c Accounting - how to download Document.ProductRelease?

Hello everyone, I'm trying to load the accounting <Document.ProductIssue> into 1s, having previously generated it, but I constantly get an error - Iterator for the value is not defined, regardless of what is in <products>, if you leave the insides of <products> empty, then everything unloaded, but there is no nomenclature. Here is the xml, can you tell me what could be the problem?
Here's what I'm trying to upload:
#UPD 1
Now, having looked in the configuration for how the order of the columns in the XML file should look like, the following file was generated: ( https://pastebin.com/FZhrPfFw ) , but now I get the error "The order of the property values ​​\u200b\u200bis out of order", although it seems like this very order is observed.
Any ideas?
Or maybe someone has an example of an xml file with a "Product Release" upload?

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Konstantin, 2017-07-07

what are you loading?

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