Mark2018-04-25 22:17:02
Mark, 2018-04-25 22:17:02

1C: Accounting 7.7 Submission of regulated reporting is a mistake. What's wrong?

Good afternoon. This question may seem simple to some, but I'm at an impasse.
Updated. USN configuration - Release 7.70.286
When uploading the 6-NDFL report, it swears:
Unloading Calculation of the amounts of personal income tax (Form 6-NDFL) for the period: 1st Quarter 2018
Calculation of the amounts of personal income tax (Form 6-NDFL) : Title page
not found table section Table_5_NPFL.

I tried to do as written here , it did not help. The error is the same.
Before updating the configuration, everything was in order. So it's a mistake? Please tell me where to dig.

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Mark, 2018-04-26

You are absolutely right. I just did not notice that there was an outdated edition. Now it is the third for the 1st quarter of 2018. It's all my carelessness. Re-updating solved the problem.

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