MagAssist2020-07-08 08:40:55
MagAssist, 2020-07-08 08:40:55

1C 8.3. UT11 Non-cash payments from Sberbank are duplicated?

Good afternoon!

Tell me, please, there is 1C 8.3 UT 11, payments are uploaded through a standard client bank. Payments from Sberbank for commissions and a loan agreement began to be duplicated in non-cash payments. Creates two absolutely identical records, the same amount, details, etc.

When attention was paid to the problem, it turned out that there was a double in counterparties, Sberbank was brought in twice with the same TIN and a slightly different name. They removed the duplicate, re-checked the documents, the problem remained.

Launched the processes of Reindexing and Checking the logical integrity. Problem still exists.

Another strange feature is that if one of the duplicated records is marked for deletion, each of them is marked for deletion at once. If you replace the counterparty with any other in one of the duplicated ones, the second one immediately disappears. In the reports, respectively, the records are not summarized, that is, in fact, it is one, but two are visually displayed.

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Anton Anton, 2020-07-08

In which list does it double? In a list of a specific type of documents or in a journal (several types of different documents, for example, receipts and write-offs, different types of transactions are not considered)? Base file or client-server? The easiest way is to make a backup and run TIT with restructuring and chdbfl if file. Or upload the IB to a .dt file and upload it to another database.

Konstantin, 2020-07-08

Well, there is a trick. Somewhere there is a problem in the Client-Bank, how it creates payments.
In general, what do you open in the program and think: "I opened the list of documents", you are mistaken. You open the register of information "Register of Documents", that's where duplicates are formed that you see. We need to clean this PC.

AndreyZolotov, 2021-10-20

These are duplicate entries in the directory Document registry keys, by standard processing of searching and deleting duplicates, go through the directory, the criterion is the same TIN.
After clearing the duplicate entries, the problem should go away.

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