2012-02-02 23:11:02
, 2012-02-02 23:11:02

1C 8.2 +linux +Postgres

I assembled a small 1C server on Linux fedora + Postgresql 9.1.2 + 1C server version

from under Windows 1C, I'm trying to upload the configuration to the server.

Postgres complains about the following:

ERROR: syntax error at or near "SECOND" at character 227
STATEMENT: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION public.datediff(varchar, timestamp, timestamp)
arg_mode alias for $1;
arg_d2 alias for $2;
arg_d1 alias for $3;
if arg_mode = \'SECOND\' then
return date_part(\'epoch\',arg_d1) - date_part(\'epoch\',arg_d2);
elsif arg_mode = \'MINUTE\' then
return ceil((date_part(\'epoch\',arg_d1) — date_part(\'epoch\',
elsif arg_mode = \'HOUR\' then
return ceil((date_part(\'epoch\',arg_d1) - date_part(\'epoch\',arg_d2)) /3600);
elsif arg_mode = \'DAY\' then
return cast(arg_d1 as date) - cast(arg_d2 as date);
elsif arg_mode = \'WEEK\' then
return ceil( ( cast(arg_d1 as date) - cast(arg_d2 as date) ) / 7.0);
elsif arg_mode = \'MONTH\' then
return 12 * (date_part(\'year\',arg_d1) - date_part(\'year\',arg_d2))
+ date_part(\'month\',arg_d1) - date_part(\ 'month\',arg_d2);
elsif arg_mode = \'QUARTER\' then
return 4 * (date_part(\'year\',arg_d1) - date_part(\'year\',arg_d2))
+ date_part(\'quarter\', arg_d1) - date_part(\'quarter\',arg_d2);
elsif arg_mode = \'YEAR\' then
return (date_part(\'year\',arg_d1) - date_part(\'year\',arg_d2));
end if;

Maybe someone knows how to get around this, because even if I process this request, eliminating the error, I won’t be able to upload the configuration again to the same database. 1C swears that the database is not usable.

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Solver, 2012-02-03

With reading of docks also it was necessary to begin. 1C will not work with regular postgri...

VeMax, 2012-02-03


backslash_quote = safe_encoding
escape_string_warning = off
standard_conforming_strings = off

beho1der, 2012-02-03

1C will not work on the regular version of Postgres, I tried to compile with patches from 1C a couple of times, but nothing normal came out, errors constantly climbed, you'd better take the ready-made version of postgree from 1C in the form of RPM, just as they wrote above, you can take the patched etersoft'tom I have them working without problems!

beho1der, 2012-02-03

then so www.onlinedisk.ru/file/818264/

RuJet, 2012-02-03

Also tried to run on the 9th version. Did not work out.
As a result, I took the 8th version from the etersoft website. Everything works perfectly.

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