lufasab2017-02-17 01:21:08
Domain name market
lufasab, 2017-02-17 01:21:08

1and1 only allow subdomains if they don't host the site?

Or I don't understand something.
In order to use surge.sh I need to change the CNAME of the domain https://surge.sh/help/adding-a-custom-domain
1and1 allows editing the CNAME for subdomains only. It turns out that I won’t be able to use a domain like example.com and host a site, for example, on surge?

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sim3x, 2017-02-17

You can
By the given link they showed you

Viktor Taran, 2017-02-17

delegate the domain to Yandex and that's it, and then enter as much as you want and wherever you want.
In fact, it's even convenient
. You start mail on Yandex pdd and drive MX records through Yandex, thereby getting a web face and a spam filter.
well, on the same account you hang up the metrics account and hang up the dns zone on it.
Quite comfortable.

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