Maxi-II2018-02-24 18:19:41
Computer networks
Maxi-II, 2018-02-24 18:19:41 why exactly?

Why are these numbers chosen for the default local network? 192.168, not 193.167
Just do not write that this is a standard and throw links to rfc. The nature of this solution is interesting.

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Armenian Radio, 2018-02-24

Because there are a number of standard addresses designed for local networks. Document describing these addresses .
Document authors:

Network Working Group                                         Y. Rekhter
Request for Comments: 1918                                 Cisco Systems
Obsoletes: 1627, 1597                                       B. Moskowitz
BCP: 5                                                    Chrysler Corp.
Category: Best Current Practice                            D. Karrenberg
                                                                RIPE NCC
                                                          G. J. de Groot
                                                                RIPE NCC
                                                                 E. Lear
                                                  Silicon Graphics, Inc.
                                                           February 1996

vreitech, 2018-02-24

at least they look nice in binary.

Saboteur, 2018-02-25

At the time RFC1918 was created, 192.168.xx was the lowest unoccupied range for the C network (/16)

Valentin, 2018-02-25

Answer from co-author of RFC1918)))
I saw the IANA address allocation history somewhere. You can see there what was free at the time of preparation of rfc in different classes of networks.

xmoonlight, 2018-02-24

Here's why: link
BONUS: Subnet/Mask Calculator

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