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Artem Enin, 2018-06-06 15:48:16 or

Guys. I'm learning a little about networks. I set up a network in my office with addresses 192.168.*.*. Often, when reading forums and tutorials, I see that many admins prescribe addresses 10.0.*.*. I am aware of the classes of networks and in what cases certain ranges are used. But, as I understand it, in networks with even a small number of hosts, some prescribe class A addresses. Doesn't this affect network performance from the point of view of the link layer?

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CityCat4, 2018-06-06

No :)
The IP address is represented as a 4 byte field anyway.

d-stream, 2018-06-06

If you don’t want to catch all sorts of problems, you should never use the and networks,
because half of the pieces of iron have these networks as default settings and after some kind of glitch the piece of iron will respond to and at the same time it will gw in the network. ..
otherwise, the choice between 192.168.*.*, 10.*.*.*, 172.16.*.* or even 254.*.*.* is rather a matter of taste)

Valentin, 2018-06-06

So you don’t use the whole / 8 per subnet, you still beat it into smaller ones. And is more convenient, if only because the second octet can, for example, be made for the region number for clarity.

Skvladimir, 2018-06-07

use the subnet 10.х.х.х in terms of expansion only +++
and with a network 192.168.х.х you won’t get such a scale as with the 10th one, sooner or later you will have to switch to the 10th subnet

From to with mask or /8
From to with mask or /

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