Jotas2020-11-02 11:44:36
Jotas, 2020-11-02 11:44:36

16GB - not enough memory?

I updated the RAM, bought 16 GB and more and more often I meet with crashes and I see such a picture, 5f9fc5b02b386835431037.jpeg
although there is still 7 GB free 5f9fc6380e773123695684.png
and the memory is almost not occupied at all 5f9fc6827b35f283932332.png, while I was taking screenshots of the PC, I almost died ._. (the image disappeared and then appeared)

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Dmitry Roo, 2020-11-02

Your problem is most likely due to insufficient swap space (you have 16GB of RAM and 2GB of swap, judging by the screenshot).
Increase it manually, or check the "Automatically choose the size of the paging file" checkbox.

antonwx, 2020-11-02

Perform a memory test using windows memory diagnostics

Alexander, 2020-11-02

Maybe when you poked the memory - "didn't stick it all the way"?
+ may be additional. the power of the video card is touched - and the image periodically disappears from a weak contact ..

forester22, 2020-11-06

The swap should be equal to the volume of RAM or slightly (up to 2 times))) ) exceed it)))
I also have no space on the screw (less than 2G) with 8G of RAM for swap (less than 2G) and also troubles with lack of memory, crash of the browser, cart, etc. P.

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