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zooll, 2017-04-28 07:08:30

16 years. Should I go freelancing or start as a junior in an office?

Hello everyone, I will not be unfounded - catch Github . Portfolio: Link . 16 years old, I don’t know if it’s worth freelancing or it’s better to go and drink blood from a senior and study as a junior. I can in node(MERN stack), sass, pure react. I am good at git, templating engines (pug and a bit of others watched). I am learning Redux, so far it remains only to learn how to do authorization through jwt. Fluent English (I can speak, understand everything by ear, translate)
I saw that some people were talking in habré, gyktimes, troger that it is better to go junior front-end to an office where they will teach, I decided to just ask knowledgeable people if this is so. I wanted to go to the upwork, and there all the documents are needed for work, and on freelancer.com, only Indians and Pakistanis are in the top. I would also like to hear some useful advice or parting words that the professional toster.ru community can give in order to develop in the right direction. All good and positive.

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DevMan, 2017-04-28

to the galleys. I mean in the office.
if the office is normal:
1. you will grow up faster in a professional plan
2. you will see/understand how software development
works 3. you will upgrade your communication skills
and then you can freelance if you want freedom.

papabig, 2017-04-28

I would never advise a 16 year old to go to work. Study, study fundamental sciences, mathematics, physics, while the head is fresh. Learn languages, go in for sports, develop as a person, doing programming only as a hobby, in the form of a hobby. Work is never fun, and you'll burn out in your 20s. If you really need money for the family, try to get a job in an office, so you will understand what is really needed for work, and what is just romance, which is written in books.

Anton Filippov, 2017-04-28

Everyone advises the office, but I would advise freelancing. From the age of 15, he himself has never worked in an office, in fact, his knowledge is deeper than that of most familiar office workers.
How good is an office over freelancing? If you are a slob, they will keep you there in some kind of bridle, + they will prompt, that is, lisp with you.
What is good freelancing in front of the office? If you are responsible and independent, your growth will be several times faster, if you also enter foreign platforms like Upwork - in terms of money, this will be at least 3-5 times higher than office expectations. But you need to spin on all sorts of reddits, and constantly look for opportunities to improve your code.
No need to think that modern freelancing is the way of the macaque, now it is the same team development, thanks to slacks, scrums and other tools.

CityCat4, 2017-04-28

And I would advise - now neither here nor there. If there is a neck on which you can still sit up to 18.
- Freelance. Of course, no one asks for documents, no one requires education, you take it and do it. You are your own junior and senior and project manager. Gradually, the habit of taking full responsibility for oneself arises - yes, the projects are tiny, but even a tiny project needs to be done from start to finish. There is no special incentive to develop - you saddle some kind of technology and rivet on it, A year, two, three ... while it is popular. Only people with an incredibly strong character are able to put off a profitable, but boring project for the sake of a not very profitable, but interesting one. As a result - we make a website, the second, the third ... the twenty-fifth - there is money, there is no development.
- Office. If not the office "Three Tables Two Chairs LLC", then problems with employment will begin even before employment itself. They may refuse corny because of the unwillingness to contact the shopping mall regarding the work of minors - here it is written in detail . Again, all sorts of "nonsense" such as a medical board when hiring, briefings on labor protection, and so on. But a team of people with different levels, which will really pull up, especially if there is a sense. True, such an office, which would not be frightened by problems, still needs to be found. Again, the money will be much less than in freelancing
. Is it possible to freelance for a couple of years, and then - to the galleys?
Can. But from galleys in such cases, as a rule, they quickly ask. Why? There is such a person in the galley - a rowing master. He beats the drum sets the rhythm for the team. A freelancer is a master of himself - he rows as he wants. In the office, you need to row at the pace set by the master - and in a couple of years a stable habit of rowing yourself will develop - and there will always be conflicts that the master is crooked, the oar is not like that, the slide with rusty wheels ...
Therefore, I would advise you to work only if if there is no neck that can be saddled, if it is - do not rush into adulthood - you will still eat :)

zooks, 2017-04-28

There was already a similar question. There is no need to rush to start working ahead of time, you will still have time to sip the routine. Go study. And you can go to work at the age of 18, not earlier.

Dmitry Pacification, 2017-04-28

Office! Of course, it is worth reading the legislation here, how long a 16-year-old boy can work.
Well, here it is: webmasters.teamdev.com. The best manual I have ever seen

kstyle, 2017-04-28

to the office. and read books

brueghel, 2017-04-28

To the office. Try in "Tensor" - they take your age without problems, if the head is in place.

Puma Thailand, 2017-04-28

go both ways

codecity, 2017-05-01

Why work at 16? You still have time. Judging by github, there is enough motivation to learn anyway. Work can discourage motivation, as interesting projects will not give you, and not interesting ones are too boring.
At the age of 16, a friend of mine found himself adoptive parents in the USA, who were able to provide him financially, including the university.

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