Vasily Pupkin2015-11-03 17:34:01
Vasily Pupkin, 2015-11-03 17:34:01

16 processors lie and gather dust under Android! How to use them for distributed rendering?

I can’t get rid of obsessive thoughts - such capacities disappear ...
At home there are top Android devices - 3 tablets (each with 2 processors, 8 + 4 cores), 5 smart phones (also, it seems, all have 2 processors 8 + 4 / 4 +4 cores). Apart from video cards (cuda doesn't seem to be there).
The task is to render 3d videos in blender cycles.
Is it possible to use the whole zoo somehow?

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Roman Mirilaczvili, 2015-11-03

It is better to sell them and buy yourself the necessary hardware to upgrade your PC.

vaux, 2015-11-03

Well, in theory, you will get from these devices the total performance of one intel core i7 processor. But in practice, you won’t get anything, because the cycles core was not built and is unlikely to ever be built for processors that are in tablets and mobile phones, because it makes no sense. And without the cycles kernel on your devices, you won't be able to calculate anything.

Sergey, 2015-11-03
Protko @Fesor

The android still has a GPU, so it's better to do it on it. 16 cores is zilch.

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