Grigory Lugovoy2014-02-02 14:30:49
Grigory Lugovoy, 2014-02-02 14:30:49

13'3 laptop for work, is it convenient?

I work mainly with Visual Studio, I plan to buy a 13'3 laptop. The weight (~ 1 kg) is very critical, so I settled on such a small screen, but I have doubts whether it will be convenient for me to work with it, provided that the resolution is 1920x1080.
Who has experience, please share your feelings about how convenient it is to write code on a laptop with this screen size.

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Pavel Osadchuk, 2014-02-02

A person asks for something to work with Visual Studio, and you advise him macbooks ..
I work on Lenovo Yoga 13, just

Screen size 13.3 inch
Screen resolution 1600x900

this is how you have to work,
in principle it’s normal, but with an external monitor it’s more convenient anyway

Alexander Shestakov, 2014-02-02

Very uncomfortable. You have to lean towards the screen, even with good eyesight.

Yuri Lobanov, 2014-02-02

As they say - pump your muscle :) You choose either fatigue from a heavy laptop, or ruin your back and eyesight. For me, the first one is better.

Alexander, 2014-02-02

I work in Xcode (iOS development) on a macbook pro 13", quite convenient, but its resolution is 1280x800. I worked a little in NetBeans, not bad either, but better with an additional monitor.

Konstantin Dovnar, 2014-02-02

It's all about habits and adaptability.
There are people who feel comfortable even at 11 inches, but there are people for whom the screen is smaller than 24 inches - these are small and not convenient things. Go to the store, feel whether it is convenient for you to place several windows on 13 inches and quickly jump on them, whether the keyboard is convenient, and other factors.

Kirill Platonov, 2014-02-02

13 inches is quite tolerable. I work for MBA 13. Everything is fine, the only negative is that you need to tilt your head a little, because. laptop is on the table. Now I bought a monitor for the house, so this problem has been removed. In general, 13 inches is very cool, in the sense that the laptop is extremely compact, you can take it with you absolutely everywhere, the size and weight are not felt at all in a backpack.

Vladislav Soprun, 2014-02-02

I have a laptop with 19 by 9 resolution 1366 by 768 everything is very convenient..
All ~ 1.2 kg.
Less to take is not a recommendation ...
For me, uh, for sure, a smaller size will simply be inconvenient to use ..

Konstantin Komarov, 2014-02-02

Samsung np530, 13'3" (1366x768). I wouldn't say it's convenient. I want to take something larger, at least 15 inches. In Visual Studio, even one side tab has to be narrowed, not to mention split its horizontal line (nothing will fit in at all.)
And yes, be sure to pay attention to the keyboard and touchpad, especially the latter, since it is much closer to jump to it than to the mouse.

Vlad Zhivotnev, 2014-02-02

14'', 1600x900 - more than ok =)
14'', 1920x1080 - so-so.
It's pointless to ask someone's opinion about such things. Take a laptop and look at it live (especially since there is a reStore in Russia. Yes, and in all sorts of Ions and white winds, there are macbooks on the stand). Everyone's eyes are different.

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