Hello002019-04-02 18:07:52
Hello00, 2019-04-02 18:07:52

13, 15, 17 inches, what is the pixel resolution?

The task is to make an adaptive for such a screen resolution of 13,15,17 inches. In the google developer panel, it is in pixels. Searching for a solution on the Internet is completely confusing.
Always typeset Mobile phones — 320px -> Tablets — 768px -> Desktop and tablets in landscape orientation — 1000px.
Now I'm faced with a specific task - 13,15,17 inches, and I'm even stupid.
Tell me 13 inches = under how many pixels to make up?
Tell me 15 inches = under how many pixels to make up?
Tell me 17 inches = under how many pixels to make up?

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Vadik Serebryansky, 2019-04-02

13 inches is usually 1366x768, 14 inches 1600x900, 15.6 inches 1366x768 or 1920x1080, 17.3 on old laptops 1600x900, on new ones 1920x1080. In principle, if this is an ultrabook from Asus, then 13 inches can be 1920x1080, but usually less. As you can see, relying on resolution in development is unjustified, try other options.

Alexey Korablev, 2019-10-23

Focus on the bootstrap grid . Excellent thing.

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