dmitryboz212019-07-13 09:01:27
dmitryboz21, 2019-07-13 09:01:27

12GB vs 4+4 dual channels?

In a lenovo 310-15IKB laptop, 4GB ddr4 is soldered on the motherboard. There is also a sodimm slot. I work under both Linux and Windows. The lack of RAM when using some software (especially on Linux) began to interfere greatly. There was a question of adding operatives. The maximum on the motherboard is 12GB. So the question is, take a compatible 4GB so that the dual channel works, or is it not worth it and take 8GB so that it is 12GB

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dollar, 2019-07-13

12 GB is better .
The main thing is that the swap does not go ahead of time, and this requires volume.

Xander Milonovsky, 2019-07-15

As for me, the dual is preferable, especially on laptops, since the lack of performance affects the interaction more than the lack of memory. And even more so, everything strongly depends on the tasks, for example, I have never exceeded 8GB (in daily tasks, not counting special software and games). And this is almost 16 years of using a PC.

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