thehighhomie2015-10-13 00:12:35
Adobe Photoshop
thehighhomie, 2015-10-13 00:12:35

12 column grid for photoshop percentages?

I draw c layouts with a width of 1920px. I need a percentage grid that can be run immediately at any resolution. I only know about such a resource as 960.gs, but as I understand it, the grid is not a percentage there. Is there such a thing?

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Sergey Goryachev, 2015-10-13

God forbid getting such a layout :)))
Use the good old grid, and you will have less trouble and less hassle for layout designers too)
UPD: But Photoshop ss2015 has a cool feature called the New Guide Layout.
It draws any grid for your layout.

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