Timur Mammadov2022-01-17 08:23:50
Timur Mammadov, 2022-01-17 08:23:50

#1143 - SELECT command denied to user... what to do?

One rainy day, I logged into my PHPMyAdmin via OpenServer and saw that all my databases were gone!
And on the screen there is an infuriating " #1143 - The SELECT command is forbidden for the user 'mysql.infoschema'@'localhost' for the column 'default_collation_id' in the table 'character_sets '"
Before that, I did not change anything!
Help me please!

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Anton Shamanov, 2022-01-17

add user rights all in the same PHPMyAdmin
PS switch to heidysql ("sql manager" in OpenServer)

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