Nikita Anufriev2017-08-30 14:46:09
Nikita Anufriev, 2017-08-30 14:46:09

$1100 designer laptop choice?

Good afternoon, help me choose a laptop for a designer, budget $ 1100 (30,000 UAH, 65,000 rubles).
Tasks that will be solved:
• Working with graphics (Ai, Ps, Id);
• Work with editing and motion design (Ae, Pr);
• Working with 3D graphics (Cinema4d, Houdini);
• Multitasking, work in several programs at once.
The choice fell on ASUS ROG GL553VE c
• Intel Core i7-7700HQ;
• GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4 GB GDDR5;
• 8 GB of RAM (16 GB maximum)
In the future, I will buy a bar for another 8 GB and an SSD
And my friends also incline to the Apple MacBook Pro 13 "with
• Intel Core i5-5257U
• Intel Iris Graphics 6100
• 128 GB SSD
In choosing, I tend to a laptop on Windows, since I have never worked on a Mac and there is a fear that I will throw out money and be disappointed.
Advise what is more important in a laptop for such tasks, and which one is better in your opinion (not necessarily those described above). Thanks for answers :)

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Alexander Pavlyuk, 2017-08-30

The Mac will be smaller and easier to use, but less powerful. If you have not encountered poppies before, you will have to get used to the specifics a little, but there will be nothing fatal for the designer.
Plus, Macs have good screens. This Asus did not find what type of matrix is ​​​​used. If not IPS, then it is definitely not suitable for design.

Ivan, 2017-08-30

Take a closer look at https://www.dns-shop.ru/product/3fab2b5635423330/1... i7, 12 gb RAM max 32, ssd 128gb + hdd 1TB, the only fullhd monitor, but you can dig and take a monitor

Alexey Sklyarov, 2017-08-30

I think that 8GB for working with 3D can stop being enough very quickly, I would take 16 GB right away, plus I didn’t really understand, was the disk originally without an SSD? I recommend that you also take it immediately.

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