Nikita K2020-03-22 14:31:15
Video cards
Nikita K, 2020-03-22 14:31:15

1070ti or 1080ti?

I found a couple of interesting ads on Avito, you can change my old 1060 to 1 of these with an extra charge. Advise whether it is worth overpaying for 1080ti? I plan to switch to 2k screen.
Ryzen 7 2700 processor, b450 aorus elite mother, 2x 8GB 3200MHz RAM

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Nertsan -, 2020-03-22

of course 1080ti is much better

Drno, 2020-03-22

Write the price 1070 and 1080 - excluding your card.
Do they want to take your card into the "calculation"?
BU cards? - 1070ti costs about 20-22k right now..

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