Egorynsky2015-07-08 01:58:33
Domain Name System
Egorynsky, 2015-07-08 01:58:33

105 error, DNS error. How to solve the problem of the Internet?

I ask you to help knowledgeable people to solve such a stuck error / problem that has been haunting me since October last year until today. And the main problem is that browser pages do not load site pages when playing or using Skype. If I give an example from the CS:GO game, then the most noticeable thing here is the ability to play on the server, and as soon as I start Skype, I try to go to some site (in absolutely any browser), the pages do not load and some browsers recognize this problem as "Error 105. Problem with DNS". After reconnecting to the server, it is impossible to connect. Sites in browsers start loading only after the Internet is restarted: through network connections or by pulling / connecting the connector from the port. I also reinstalled Windows to a licensed one less than a week ago.

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Sergey, 2015-07-08

remove proxies in settings

Stanislav Fateev, 2015-07-08

In the connection settings "Internet Protocol version 4" (it seems something like this in Windows), "Use the following DNS addresses" And put the addresses:, Or, if there is a router on it, change the face via the web. Have you tried calling your ISP support? What do they say?
I had sudden internet shutdowns and on. I suffered for two weeks, changed passwords, cleaned the computer, reinstalled the router firmware. Then he called the provider - a dude came, climbed into the attic, said that the connectors there were rusted nafig, re-wired the twisted pair cable and it all worked. It was all resolved within one day. Why not call? The fact that the Internet does not work for the client is the problem of the provider. Or are there any other reasons other than: " Friends say that the provider will say" Your problem,"?

Alexander, 2015-07-08

Here is a manual for your problem

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