Horror76002019-05-17 19:37:27
Hard disks
Horror7600, 2019-05-17 19:37:27

100% windows 8.1 hard drive, how to fix?

The problem is this, my SDD burned out, I bought a new HDD, but I didn’t have Windows, not on a flash drive, not on a disk, I installed it via f * ny (well, via phone), Linux, and already through Linux Windows 10, at first everything was fine, but after a while everything started to slow down, etc. I went into the task manager, and saw that the disk was 100% loaded, although one folder was open, I thought that the problem would be solved if I reinstalled Windows, but no, the same thing, I changed it 4 times. I thought that he did not take out 10, put 8.1, and the same thing, disabling services, etc. does not help (well, what is written on the internet), the first case in 7 years

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Evgeny Koryakin, 2019-05-17

Mandatory file indexing in Windows.
If it doesn’t help, then your storage simply can’t cope with the load and it’s time to change it. And knowing the old / cheap HDDs, then most likely their real speed (and not declared) does not exceed 80 Mb / s, which is not acceptable for Windows 8 and higher systems.
Also, after installation, for some strange reason, the load on the disk takes off for an indefinite time, but over time it passes and everything returns to normal.

Yuri, 2019-05-17

Very similar to the work of a defender. Try turning it off

Vadik Serebryansky, 2019-05-17

Disable updates and defender and just wait. What eats the disk will update / synchronize what is needed and stop using the disk. Maybe the driver is being updated or the antivirus is looking at the archives, it's Windows 8) I personally always set up a new Windows with my hands, it can only update applications from the store for a day or update the silent download. And do not care that ai7 / ssd / gigabit internet. Check everything that can sync data.

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