Nestatnykh2019-05-29 11:44:16
Nestatnykh, 2019-05-29 11:44:16

100% shutdown of Windows Server, how to do?

Help me, there is a problem - I have about 50 Servers on PROXMOX
There, both Linux distributions and Windows Server (2012 - 2016) are spinning
Problem: when I make a backup using Proxmox, it sends the Windows Server system (turn off)
And waits, it does not anymore what is not sent.
And Windows says, bro, I have here terminal users of the application all the garbage, it will definitely turn off ??? ahh bro?
And Proxmox, well, when you turn off brother.
Windows are you sure????
Proxmox error ....
In short, the essence is clear, I think what to register in Windows so that when the shutdown signal is turned off 100%
please help!

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Maxim K, 2019-05-29

shutdown -s -f -t 10 is Win

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