allbom2018-06-12 10:24:52
allbom, 2018-06-12 10:24:52

$100 for renting a PC, how likely is it to be scammed?

I am trying to join the disorganized ranks of freelancers, customers do not notice, I am in dire need of money. On many exchanges hangs: "Offer for owners of an idle PC who know basic English. We pay $ 100 / month for renting your PC and an Upwork account that has passed a simple video verification. Permanent access to your rented PC via TeamViewer web, mobile for a developer who needs several accounts to look for a job on Upwork."
Sounds like a scam, has anyone come across it by any chance?

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SagePtr, 2018-06-12

Moreover, in Russia it is very dangerous if they do something inconvenient for the current government through your computer - you will be responsible for this.

Anton Filippov, 2018-06-12

You can’t give your account to anyone if you want to work on Upwork in the future)
In fact, this is not even a PC rental, but an account rental + IP address + MAC address

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