samlowry2012-07-20 11:00:20
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samlowry, 2012-07-20 11:00:20

"10 things to do while in ..." - are there such services already?

As you know, such lists are universally popular. Naturally, we are talking about the most must-do-cases. So - are there such social services? In bourgeois and Runet?

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bugman, 2012-07-20

I think that this kind of service is performed by the numerous indexed text content on trillions of travel sites. Type in Google
- "what to see in xxx"
- "top sights of xxx"
- "top sights to see in xxx"
and see for yourself.
There are still a bunch of publishing houses that trade this, releasing books of this kind. In every country/city guide, the top sights are usually ranked by spectacle.

mihavxc, 2012-07-20

I don’t quite understand - do you need to compile these lists yourself or have them determined for you?

Informatik, 2012-07-20

Something similar to Google Schemer . There is geo-referencing. There is also a search for cases by place with ranking by popularity.

Nikolai Turnaviotov, 2012-07-21

Microsoft recently made an interesting application for Android - google onX. there scripting to the fullest.

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