dimka8902015-10-19 00:42:50
dimka890, 2015-10-19 00:42:50

10 Gbit does not rise in Xenserver and is it possible to forward Infiniband to VM?

Tell me, I've run into a problem. There is an HP C7000 box, it has 16 HP Bl460c G6 blades, each of them has Xen Server 6.5 installed. They are connected to the network by an HP FLEX-10 module (10 Gbps comes to each blade). All nodes are collected in 1 pool. Shaska is connected to a separate server with a nfs share via 1gbit (temporarily)
Xen server sees the network card as supporting 10G, but connects to it on 1G. I tried turning off autoneg and manually setting 10000, it doesn’t help, it’s still 1000.
Inside each node, 1 VM with windows 7 is spinning on board. Actually in the guest OS, 1 Gbps is also displayed (Xen tools installed)
iperf test results
VM->VM = 500-900 Mbps (between 10Gb blades)
VM-> External server = 80-100 Mbps shashkoy and server 1 Gbit)
How to overcome it or where to at least dig?
And a question for filling - is it possible to forward the infiniband port directly to the guest OS?

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