makecode2011-07-22 08:08:35
makecode, 2011-07-22 08:08:35

10.7 Lion and MTS Connect

Updated to 10.7 Lion and the program stopped running from the MTS USB modem. At first it demanded to update Java. Updated. Launched.
It started, but now it does not detect the modem at all. Just silence is all. Usually the "Device detection" window appeared. Rebooted, rearranged the program. The modem was pulled out / inserted back. Tried other USB. Silence.
I downloaded the archive with the update from the MTS website, but there are only .exe, i.e. for macs they didn't put updates.

Nobody faced similar? The Huawei E1550 modem itself, can you somehow use third-party software?
Thanks a lot for any help.

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Zexes, 2011-07-22

The MTSa website does not say what kind of updates for the modem? It is quite real that the new firmware has support for the lion, but you can only update through windows. It's logical after all :)
Then it's easier to find a friend with windows and update his modem, or in extreme cases, use Parallels'om.
When there was the same problem when switching to a snow leopard, for the first time I used a Beeline modem with a manual connection in the OS, its native program also fell out.

tucnak, 2011-07-22

We need new drivers - but they are not. The problem is relevant ... Do you have an AnyData ADU-510A modem? If yes, then there is no solution. There are simply no new drivers yet.

Alexander G, 2011-07-22

Install the drivers for the Huawei modem, it also didn’t start for me, I installed the driver, the modem was found ... at the E160G itself

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