Igor Chernyshev2013-07-22 12:35:19
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Igor Chernyshev, 2013-07-22 12:35:19

1-wire sensors and Raspberry Pi

Good afternoon.

I decided to abandon the arduino (after I burned it :) in favor of the Raspbery Pi. The first stage is passed, the temperature sensor is installed and working. But, as I was disappointed when the search for a humidity sensor and others suitable for the Raspberry Pi was not found. More precisely, all the 1-wire sensors that I found are two or even three times more expensive than the Raspberry Pi itself.

I admit that I am new to this business, I understand very little in electronics. Is it possible to connect ordinary ones? How? Or are there some magical places that sell suitable sensors ready to use?

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Ocelot, 2013-07-22

From the point of view of a sensor operating via 1-wire, there is no difference how the Master is implemented: on Arduino, RPi, or something else - the standard is the standard. So any one can be connected. Another thing is that the humidity sensor itself is quite an expensive piece of iron.

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