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network hardware
Distinct, 2018-01-04 18:03:40

1 router for 2 laptops, phone and TV or 4 routers for all this wealth?

A very stupid question, but still:
Let's take an average apartment: 2 laptops, a phone and a TV. Total: 4 devices that you want to connect via Wifi. I understand that everyone will say: "Connect with a cable !!!! Wifi speed will be cut ... etc. etc."
And this will be the first option, one of the most worthy.
The second option: put a better router and pick up everything via Wifi and somehow live with it.
And now, actually, the most stupid question, the crazy 3rd option: what if you take an incoming Internet cable and plug it into some decent router, turn off Wifi in it (or immediately take it without it), and connect 4 more from it via cable Wifi router (i.e. 1 router for 1 device: connect a TV set to one, a phone to another, etc.), try to separate it all through different channels.
Will anything good come of this? and yes, I understand that the more devices in the circuit, the greater the delay ... but still, will there be pluses or is it completely crazy?

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Sergey, 2018-01-04

mu mimo

Wexter, 2018-01-04

you will not have much more delays, unlike excess energy consumption and noise on the air from several points. 2 laptops and a phone will get along very well on one point (unless, of course, you watch [email protected] video at all at the same time) and if you don’t zadrot online, where stable ping is important (although in this case, at least hang around dots, it won’t get better), the TV is more voracious, it can also be allocated a separate point on the channel away from the first

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