CleanyBoom2021-11-21 19:30:30
CleanyBoom, 2021-11-21 19:30:30

1 process shutting down after turning on two other python threading?

import time
from threading import Thread

from telebot import TeleBot, types

bot = TeleBot('')
threads = {}

def some_func(us, text):

def start_command(message):
    us = message.chat.id
    threads[us] = Thread(target=some_func(us, message.text))

def start():

thr1 = Thread(target=start)

if __name__ == '__main__':

I have such code. (The function has been redone, but it is performed for a long time, this is the main point). When you start functions from 2 accounts, the bot itself turns off and stops responding to commands. At 1 everything works fine. This can be solved somehow, or read somewhere about solutions if I could not competently google. Thank you all in advance

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AWEme, 2021-11-21

The result of the function call was passed to the target .
To run a function with arguments in a separate thread, you need to pass these same arguments by the args and kwargs keys. https://docs.python.org/3/library/threading.html#t...

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