Sasha_882017-02-13 11:41:38
Sasha_88, 2017-02-13 11:41:38

1 process, 20 threads, how many cores will be involved? One?

Threads exist in a process. I understand correctly that each core needs its own process? Otherwise, why does the same Google Chrome create a bunch of processes, even when 1 tab is open? And the question about 1 process and ~ 20 threads is seen in a computer game.

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Ilya, 2017-02-23

The operating system manages threads, and people need processes more as an abstraction layer. If a thread (or parent process) does not have a Processor affinity , then all available cores will be used. The operating system decides which cores to use which thread.
I think that Google Chrome creates several processes so that when 1 tab falls, the entire browser does not fall.

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