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sc8di, 2018-03-23 21:53:47

1 PI Ace calculation process on the server is growing in terms of memory consumption. What can be connected with it and how to deal with it?

Good afternoon.
One of the PI Ace processes on the calculation server periodically starts to grow in terms of RAM consumption (the normal amount for it is 150-190 MB, the maximum seen value is 1.7 GB), after which the calculations safely get up, and the server starts to slow down, in the end it’s completely dead hovering.
Can anyone working with OSIsoft software and / or directly with the PI System come across a similar one?
The server is partially on virtual RAM, but not the fact that this is the reason. Not so long ago updated the version of PI Ace - did not help. The calculations were checked, there are no clumsy ones. Calculation processes and scheduler x32, maybe this is the case and you need to roll up the version where it will be x64. (At least the admins think so)
We will raise a test server and try to localize the problem if we do not find an answer on the Internet.
The whole point is that we accompany the system for calculating the masses and accounting for movement, but the servers themselves, their server and deeper settings are outside our area of ​​​​responsibility and there is no access to them.
But neither the admins nor our department understand what the problem is.

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