killwayne2019-06-13 17:36:33
killwayne, 2019-06-13 17:36:33

1 mouse scroll/swipe = 1 slider movement?


There is a page where there is a slider for the entire width and height of the screen. The slider shows 3 slides.
It is necessary to switch slides by 1 step with one scrolling with the mouse wheel, touchpad, swipe

. 3-4 slides are scrolled, but only 1 is needed

Question: how to implement this and are there any ready-made plugins for this task?

Thank you very much in advance!!!

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hzzzzl, 2019-06-13

when I did something similar, I just allowed to react to the mousewheel once every X milliseconds, like this

Vladimir Yurchenkov, 2019-06-13

Look at it ?
I can suggest, or look at the code yourself.

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