Vladimir Druzhaev2018-10-08 13:57:18
Client side optimization
Vladimir Druzhaev, 2018-10-08 13:57:18

1 megabyte of js-minimized code from a plugin - is this normal for one plugin?


There is one WordPress plugin (accepted in the official VP repository). It displays the comment form and comments and authorization from social networks. Rest there and react and all modern front-end buns. After opening the Network tab, my eye twitched in the browser. I saw a minified js file weighing just over 1 megabyte.
The question is - is it normal in 2018? Such weight of packed js - which adds only one plugin, just for comments?
On my site, along with jquery + all js and css, the weight will be less than two times.

Who thinks about it? Or have frontenders completely gone nuts - pushing a bunch of libs and giving the same output?

ps I know about browser static caching. The very fact of such weight. For reference: jquery 94 kilobytes

upd: 2020-11-28 after 2 years, the size of the author's bundle has doubled. Here is the proof https://yadi.sk/i/MGqLT47UJ5Pr0Q frontend world minted

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Anton Spirin, 2018-10-08

For reference: react gzipped - 31.8K.
It is impossible to give a definite answer to your question. It should have been asked by the author of a particular plugin, not here.

Ivan, 2018-10-08

This is wp. And that's it. Take a look at codecanyon themes and plugins for example. They are type-tested by the envato team, they cost money, but 1mb compared to them will be baby talk - they often connect several times several mb. Or in the theme, the same jquery is connected a couple of times, but from different cdns.

Orkhan Hasanli, 2018-10-08

The heaviest page of my site on the VP with all the scripts weighs 1.2 mb. True, the theme is self-made and the plugins are minimized and many plugins have been replaced with regular scripts.
By the way, you can deregister scripts and plugin styles on unnecessary pages using conditional tags (is_page() is_singular(), etc.)
In order to find the handle of these goodies, install the Query Monitor plugin

Arhi_X, 2015-07-23

The question is what kind of testing do you want to send him to...
For a junior tester manual who wants to be a tester (and not an intermediate programmer), it is enough to read Savin's book and the basic level of ISTQB (as mipan pointed out). And make sense of what you've read.
Studying trackers is pointless. They are all the same in their essence, you can easily switch between them.
All these languages, tools and other things did not give up to the junior. It is necessary to determine in which direction to develop and from this already to study the necessary technologies. All at once - a dead end option, IMHO.
And more... There is no specialty "tester"!Tester, test engineer

God Emperor, 2015-06-26

A tester is not about unit tests.
Initially, you need to learn how to test the black box manually.

mipan, 2015-06-26

know the theory - read the basic level of istqb .
If we are talking about a tester on the Web, then for an entry-level knowledge of PL is not very important.
Here is the work with the console in the browser - yes.
Test Complete, Soup UI is also, in general, an elephant to cover at a time.
Yes, there are plenty of courses. software-testing.ru/trainings , for example

Denis Ineshin, 2015-06-26

Are you sure? The work is boring. Imagine some stupid bookkeeping to test or there is a calculator of orders for the supply of animal feed)

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