denidip2015-06-04 12:25:16
Computer networks
denidip, 2015-06-04 12:25:16

1 ip for 2 machines, how to be?

Tell me who came across, there is a local network behind the router, a provider with a white static address comes to the router, which we forward to the telephony server ... We have another server for another task, and it also needs a white ip, how to solve this problem?

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Ivan, 2015-06-04

Those. I understood correctly. Do you have a telephony server + white IP and you give full access from the outside to the server, instead of forwarding only the necessary ports? OMG... Hakira, where are you? Free calls to Turkey here!

Sergey, 2015-06-04

horror. It’s a real disaster. It’s hard to find a way out of such a situation. there are crutches really ...... you can forward the ports, or you can buy a normal router and pay for the second IP address. but I really don’t know .. the question is rare. it was not even asked on the toaster. =(

Shamil, 2015-06-04

only in Russia it is customary to slander the author who asked the question.
dear TC, take 1 router. the cord from the provider to it, from it further - port forwarding.

Vitaly Pukhov, 2015-06-05

google for {MADE OF ROUTER} port forwarding

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